George Grosz Victim Of Society

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George Grosz Victim Of Society. A Victim of Society - George Grosz mixed media 1919. George Grosz sozial- und gesellschaftskritische Gemälde und Zeichnungen des Verismus die überwiegend in den 1920er-Jahren entstanden sind werden der Neuen Sachlichkeit zugerechnet.

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Juli 1959 ebenda war ein deutsch-amerikanischer Maler Grafiker Karikaturist und Kriegsgegner. Oeuvres Oeuvres Une victime de la. His death came three weeks before his sixty-sixth birthday.

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The artists timeless portrait of citizen dunderhead. George Grosz is renowned for challenging the politically corrupt regime and the decadence of Germany in the 1920s and early thirties through his. In this joint effort by both artists Groszs original sketches have been obliterated by an explosion of collaged images that make reference to popular culture in the United States or the. As a symbol of the revolution in Germany his art was instrumental in awakening the general public to the reality of government oppression.